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The Web Academy is a 501c3 organization providing FREE web design courses. The Web Academy is 100% distance learning. All of our courses are taught online with a live instructor. During class time, students are able to interact with our instructors and ask questions, just like being in an actual classroom. In addition, The Web Academy provides free web development services to those organizations who qualify.

Our Students:
After completing our entire curriculum, our students possess the necessary skills to compete for entry level web development positions. As a part of our curriculum, our students work as designers, project managers and developers for real clients. If you are serious and passionate about learning web development, then perhaps The Web Academy is for you.

Our Clients:
If you are a non-profit organization or small business and need web design services, then The Web Academy may be able to do a zero cost web site for your organization.  If accepted as a client, your project will be managed and built by our students. In return for our services, we only ask for a small tax deductible donation.


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